NowAnalytics CORE

The core nowanalytics platform is the central engine that drives the power of now. The core platform provides the ability for nowanalytics to connect to different source systems using our library of connectors that enables us to support rapid implementation with minimum IT support from our client organization. The platform brings the enabling technologies to drive a data-driven decision making mindset within an organization. Some of the key benefits of our approach brings various benefits to the organization including, ​ An integrated view of all customer experience impacting channels: Click, Talk and Walk. Consistent brand experience across all channels of customer interaction. Market and customer insights that go beyond the contact center to help with overall business strategy. A single view of direct cost and value tracking of customer contact channels. Ability to utilize the platform for Six Sigma and Lean Sigma tools to drive learning and ongoing process improvements. Full visibility and drill-down capabilities to manage local, remote and outsourced operations.

The reports module allows users to automate the task of PDF and Excel report generation. It enable the organization to move away from unnecessary waste of key analyst resource in building reports. The subject matter experts within your organization can now focus on interpretation and improvements that drive results.

Driving employee engagement requires a clear communication with front-line customer facing employees on what's expected from them, provide visibility on how they are doing, and help them get better. Aligning the rewards and recognition system using nowrewards to the metrics that matter to the organization using behavioral science drives higher performance.

Tired of finding a lot of manual paper forms to support your operations? Nowforms delivers the answer. Nowforms enables organizations to make all their paper forms to electronic forms without a single line of coding requirement. More importantly, the solution allows the data captured via forms to be integrated and available as a part of your overall nowanalytics core platform.

Don't have time to sit in front of a screen to monitor performance all day? Nowalerts is the answer. With nowalerts, the nowanalytics system monitors all your key performance metrics throughout the day and can send you SMS and E-mail alerts when a metric performance is below the threshold set by you. It's a great way to keep control of performance from anywhere in the world.