About ID R&D

ID R&D combines a unique vision for a new authentication experience with the capabilities of a leading R&D team in the global biometric industry. ID R&D is focused on developing new and exciting authentication technologies that increase the security of interactions in the digital world with improved user experience. ID R&D has developed a portfolio of biometric technologies (including behavioral biometrics) and provides R&D services to customers looking for an edge in innovation.

Traditional behavioral biometric methodologies (such as Keystroke Dynamics) have evolved over the years. Through the application of other techniques, such as Deep Neural Networks and Machine Learning ID R&D has developed proprietary technologies that can provide positive authentication based on the way users type in passwords or indeed any other information. Please follow the link to our Keystroke Dynamics demo and to our Voice Antispoofing demo

With KSD, a behavioral biometric template is used to identify an individual based on their typing pattern,i.e. the rhythm and speed of their typing on a keyboard, along with some additional data points. The raw data used for keystroke dynamics are dwell time, flight time and some additional data points. When a user types a series of characters, the time that they need to find the right key (flight time) and the amount of time that they hold down a key (dwell time) are specific to that user,. These values can be calculated so that they are independent of overall typing speed. Research shows that the rhythm with which some sequences of characters are typed are extremely distinctive and provide sufficient data for user authentication.